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Some thoughts a bit far away from the Overton Window

A thought far away from the overton window : Everything is made of the same 5 elements – Bhuta -Forming prakriti / Nature Coloured by the same 3 characteristics – Tatva – what modernity deems as Lazy, Energetic and Calm … Continue reading

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How to win a squash game

First wave of tycoons : Oil and Gas A mini wave called wave 1a. : ¬†Commodities processing, Steel and Coal¬†, industrial goods processing mainly for Oil and gas and distribution Infrastructure around the Oil and Gas industry ( mainly due … Continue reading

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Interests, maybe in order of chronological pursuits

Some industries that interest me to no end and give me sleepless nights with dreams – 1. Solar , BIPV, Offshore wind, Tidal and Geothermal , smart grids, Storage tech at parity, wireless T&D 2. Fashion, Nightlife and hospitality 3. … Continue reading

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Appearances, looks and its effects on Sales

Remember everything is Sales, if you have to persuade someone to something you’d like. But also remember this. APPEARANCES Creates Baseline Trust: If you had to ask someone to watch your bags at the airport, would you choose the unshaven … Continue reading

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What does it mean to be outcome independent?

The only reason to do something is if you enjoy it . The process and the pleasure / pain it gives you . Not the goal.Not the outcome . Not the result. But the process itself and happiness / suffering … Continue reading

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Media, Marketing and America

Today morning I was reading an article about Donald Trump faking a run for president on TV. Why do you think anyone in this country should care so much about public figures or celebrities in America so much? Why is … Continue reading

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