Only the micro-managers survive

Over time, I have lost the taste to write long form.

Although I still believe long form is where the most insight lies, I have definitely moved away from writing long form.

There was a time when I wrote crude fiction, which then morphed into poetry ( majorly influenced by my hormones during teenage years ) and then pivoted more and more into fiction and finally business musings.

Nowadays I have stayed clear of eulogies in thoughts and delved more into solving the knots in my own life.

But then I have also come to the rationale that solving the knots need not be accompanied with public silence . In fact, it can be used as a sounding board if one can put up with the criticism of the few.

Nevertheless, let me come to the topic at hand , which is some of my own realizations on micromanagement.

I will keep it short and very sweet- since this blog post as will be the others that follow suit more a chronicling of my own state of mind at various parts of the journey . I have done this for 7 years and it will be interesting to see what becomes of it in the next 7 .

I have come to understand that the popular notion of business school education that micromanagement is the devil is probably bullshit.

You see I have started three companies now – two of them failed. I know what I did right and what I did wrong.

To zero in , there are two things I did right and that which i believe is necessary :

  1. Eat shit and like its taste
  2. Micromanage

The first one requires a post of its own but the second one deserves a special mention . I am not talking about micromanage your employees till they bleed through their eyeballs. I am talking about micromanaging yourself and micromanaging the process.
Your employees are the ones who execute the process.
And there is a process that works and a process that doesn’t.
There are people out there who know which processes work and which dont. Find them and delegate to them but micromanage the inputs and outputs to constantly tweak the process till you get the results.

Some of your employees will hate you for it because its a lot of work but remember only the micromanagerial survive in finding a revenue stream aka gap in the market.

As a pre product market fit entrepreneur , your job is simple :

  • find a serviceable revenue stream for your product / service.
  • Once you do, micromanage your process so that you know you ARE delivering value to the early adopters
  • Once you are delivering value, figure out how to get more of the same kind of people to come check you out.

All of the above three can be broken down into accurate and minute details and therefore into a process again,

But if you don’t micromanage in getting a new product / service to market and re-iterate continuously, you wont live.

If you can’t live, you can’t iterate and optimize to thrive.

You are not f****n’ Proctor n Gamble.

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Getting back in the game….

All my life I have searched for the truth.

I wonder now if there is any truth to be found in this world.

I refuse to believe that life is all about the rat race and merely survival. I often told myself that there must be a greater meaning to it all.

To this day, I continue to find a greater meaning to my struggles in my life.

You can only do so many weekend barbecues with the same set of people before you get disenchanted with your rote life and give up on it. Some of us take up TV, some of drugs, some of us travel , some of us alcohol benders every Saturday, some of us promiscuity – but they are all just distractions to the deep question that arises from within.

To what end are we doing this?

Fast forward , 50 years, nicer car, nicer apartments, empty nest, but back to the basics. The hedonistic life would have gotten you used to it enough that its different but its all the same.

The world is not a gentle place. We are all tainted just like every one else , irrespective of the beautiful filters we see on instagram.

The only people who find goodness and happiness are those who diligently work to overcome our fallen primal human nature with discipline.

The world on the other hand, feeds us stimulations constantly, feeds our baser instincts and pollutes mental models selling a line of trope that makes us eventually unhappy.

How can you change a world that doesn’t want to be changed?

Maybe I should start by changing myself.

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The difficulty of why

All of us witness phenoms.
Its easy to understand the how.

How is a successful company created? Its easy .

Do a case study. You can attribute it to skill, timing, market, demand, innovation, secrets, hard work etc, etc.

But the much more difficult question to understand is WHY?

Why do magnets attract each other?

Why does Ice slip?

The Why is a dangerous pit of infinite regression.

Or the ultimate deliverance.  Depending on which way you look at it.

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Producers Unite.

Many of you have written why I have stopped creating blogposts.

I have been living brothers. Something all the producers should have as their obligation, duty and responsibility.

Life is short. An ancient truth that becomes clearer to me as days pass by, ever more quicker than the one before.

The world awaits outside. In the moment. Not in capturing the photo of your coffee cup and posting on instagram, not in me posting on this blog here but savouring the vanilla in that boutique naturally roasted coffee bean with vanilla cream in colombia.

The multitude of accomplishments and disappointments await in the real world, unconquered, yearning to bend under our assault.

Tilt your lance square at the shield of your desires and CHARGE.

Our hours are limited, for a great reason. So that each one remains precious. Don’t waste them consuming content when there is creativity inside you waiting to produce.

Move forward. Incessantly.

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Matter, reality, quantum physics, creativity, the future

It is one of those days.
One of those days when sleep evades me and I pick up a quantum physics book by Richard Feyman and read through.

The more I read about the double slit experiment, the more the topic becomes dearer and dearer to me over the years. I can’t get enough of it. It eludes me as how man kind can base everything on science when the foundation of science itself is not scientific.

It is like saying ” I know my foundation cannot be proved but all other theorems that most certainly have to be proved are based on my foundation” It just doesn’t make sense.

The experiment that gave rise to this uncertainty is the question what does consciousness have to do with electrons behaving as matter as opposed to waves. Why involve consciousness at all.

It is as though consciousness, just by the mere virtue of being the observer, creates the observed and therefore creates the event.

If there is no observer, the event would not exist, but what is the observer observing and why does it change the very nature of the observed electron ( which is presumably whats light is made of ).

If the observer is creating the event by observing and therefore the matter , then is it possible to create actual results by intending to create them?

What are the larger implications ?  Are the laws of classical physics that we take for granted and as irrefutable laws of our belief system, change based on how / whether they are being observed?

I don’t know but , as always, I am in pursuit.

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The consumptive culture of the male desire

The whole marketplace of events and advertisements is based on one kind of consumer only. The man, who pays to consume and consume for the opportunity to display status to the opposite sex.

I am talking about the nightclub and its VIP tables or the expensive restaurant or the highly priced alcohol or the exquisite watch, with its advertisement with a suave man held on to by a slim beauty.

There is a whole economy based on the male’s desire to display status and presents avenues to display high status by consuming expensive products or services.

This economy is in turn fed by the advertising economy ( modelling and talent management businesses feed to the advertising economy), the nightlife industry  where models act as baits for the man to spend money at the VIP tables and the  glamorous hostess makes it hard for you to refuse the Dom Perignon, lest she sees you as a low value and finally the event promotion and management business , which recruits the DJs, the artists and the star bartenders, who in turn lure in the crowd of young pretty women as fuel and thereby the paying man as the engine.

Predominantly, these three industries – venue ( restaurants, high end bars and nightclubs), event (EDMs, party and event promotions, restaurant marketing) and talent ( the fashion and talent management business) are all accoutrements that surround the consumptive economy with its prime consumers – woman as the fuel and the paying man as the engine.

At the very least, its greatly intriguing how business has managed to monetise the male libido. I wonder what happens when we combine the three models in one business conglomerate….

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Beating obstacles = Achieving goals

In any endeavour or path to achieving a goal, humans will always face obstacles. I have figured that easiest pathway to achieving goals is multi-fold :
1. Choosing one and only one Primary goal and that goal only.
2. Figuring out a critical path ( the highest impact and the most probable pathway to get to that milestone/goal )
3. Understanding the events involved in the critical path
Accruing / directing ALL of one’s resources ( time, money and attention ) towards those events which will clear the critical pathway, systematically, methodically and consistently.
4. Ruthlessly deal with distractions and eliminate anything in your way that doesn’t contribute towards an event on the critical pathway.*
5. Execute on the critical pathway every single day, at least for 90 minutes, 7 days a week , 365 days a year untill the pathway is entirely traversed. Then Observe, Orient, Decide and Act on the next goal.**

Goals are achieved by beating obstacles. Obstacles are beaten by theorising critical pathways and creating event chains to execute to traverse the pathway.

*Of-course the entire organisation cannot focus on the critical pathway, its gotta be an elite taskforce while the rest of the army paddles on set processes and methodologies.

**This concept of critical pathways applies to every aspect of one’s life – health, career, relationships, anything at all. I have personally used this to solve business and health problems alike. The major ingredient is FOCUS.

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