Looking out for number 1 – physical capital – a primer

We all are optimising for one thing and one thing only.


When I say state- I mean state of mind – both in the short term and the longer term.

Some example of optimising state in the short term – coffee.
Some example of optimising state in the medium term – exercise

All the actions we partake are to consistently satisfy the maslows hierarchy of needs via state optimisation.

If there were a pill that immediately creates state for 4 hours with no side effects at all – it would be a trillion dollar market. The closes substitute is coffee but unfortunately it costs your adrenal system.

EVEN that is a negotiable organ for most people – all for state.

That being the case, in order to strive and achieve greater things in life in the Maslows hierarchy – you need your health state in order – first and foremost.

Once you have your health – physical and mental – you can then move onto get your emotional health in order.

  1. Physical health
  2. Mental health
  3. Emotional health

Physical health can be broken down in to sub goals –

  • Completely disease free
  • mobility of joints and freedom of nimbleness
  • strength
  • cardiovascular fitness and stamina
  • aesthetics
  • completely disease free fitness combined with longevity

Too many people compromise the above to focus on wealth goals or short term pleasure goals.

Also, the above requires consistent time commitments and dietary commitments , in addition to tracking, analyzing and reflecting on these goals.

This requires time and energy in committing to these goals . But without physical health , you will never achieve mental health – which can be broken down further into

  • Focus
  • clarity of thought
  • intense concentration
  • willpower
  • determination
  • energy
  • Strategy and rationale
  • empathy and discernment of others intentions
  • Abundance thinking
  • peace of mind
  • fearlessness ( fear is a form of pain body attack which is amplified by the negative emotions which the body produces due to its own illnesses)

Without mental health, you will not develop emotional health / emotional resilience to cultivate and nurture important relationships with integrity and honesty ( Dishonesty tends to erode your mental and physical capital unless you are a psychopath. This probably deserves another post by itself ) .

An inflamed body / mind / emotion will not produce and sustain difficult actions – such as generating massive wealth or entrepreneurial ventures long enough into the future. If it does, it will be short-lived.

We can get to the interesting part here and maybe detail in another post- when you have consistent improving  physical health- it can compound into Mental and Emotional health and make you extremely resilient as an individual. The opposite can also occur where you have where guilt may cause psychosomatic illnesses and destroy you.

But even optimal physical fitness and its achievement is an ocean . I will talk about budgeting time, money and energy on a daily and monthly basis to sustainable optimize physical fitness in a series of posts.

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