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I build things. Things aimed at changing the way we interact and live in this world. Built "SolarTown" for 7 years. Exited. Now building something new and exciting. Again.

Looking out for number 1 – physical capital – a primer

We all are optimising for one thing and one thing only. State. When I say state- I mean state of mind – both in the short term and the longer term. Some example of optimising state in the short term … Continue reading

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Only the micro-managers survive

Over time, I have lost the taste to write long form. Although I still believe long form is where the most insight lies, I have definitely moved away from writing long form. There was a time when I wrote crude … Continue reading

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Getting back in the game….

All my life I have searched for the truth. I wonder now if there is any truth to be found in this world. I refuse to believe that life is all about the rat race and merely survival. I often … Continue reading

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The difficulty of why

All of us witness phenoms. Its easy to understand the how. How is a successful company created? Its easy . Do a case study. You can attribute it to skill, timing, market, demand, innovation, secrets, hard work etc, etc. But … Continue reading

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Producers Unite.

Many of you have written why I have stopped creating blogposts. I have been living brothers. Something all the producers should have as their obligation, duty and responsibility. Life is short. An ancient truth that becomes clearer to me as … Continue reading

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Matter, reality, quantum physics, creativity, the future

It is one of those days. One of those days when sleep evades me and I pick up a quantum physics book by Richard Feyman and read through. The more I read about the double slit experiment, the more the … Continue reading

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The consumptive culture of the male desire

The whole marketplace of events and advertisements is based on one kind of consumer only. The man, who pays to consume and consume for the opportunity to display status to the opposite sex. I am talking about the nightclub and … Continue reading

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