What does it mean to be outcome independent?

The only reason to do something is if you enjoy it . The process and the pleasure / pain it gives you .
Not the goal.
Not the outcome .
Not the result.

But the process itself and happiness / suffering it brings.

The goals and results with deadlines should serve as a marker to better gauge yourself and to know yourself better and to set your actions in the right direction but not the determinant in themselves.

If you don’t enjoy the process , then it’s just not worth it. But if you do, we can truly become outcome independent and keep working at it till we start to enjoy and revel in the expertise .

Over time we will start achieving those goals , but only as a side effect and we would be better able to gauge ourselves , strengths and weaknesses and thus set more achievable stretch goals and thus put the “happiness experience ” that we are so good at , on an ever expanding virtuous cycle.

So revel in the moment , enjoy the process , if you don’t look forward to doing something or aren’t constantly thinking about something , then you don’t enjoy the process . You should delegate it to someone who does .

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Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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