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How to win a squash game

First wave of tycoons : Oil and Gas A mini wave called wave 1a. :  Commodities processing, Steel and Coal , industrial goods processing mainly for Oil and gas and distribution Infrastructure around the Oil and Gas industry ( mainly due … Continue reading

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Goal philosophy

Any remarkable result can be achieved , only and only with laser-like focus. That’s the lesson I have learnt so far. So I have culled. Culled like a mad-man to the utmost essentials in my life in what it takes … Continue reading

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Interests, maybe in order of chronological pursuits

Some industries that interest me to no end and give me sleepless nights with dreams – 1. Solar , BIPV, Offshore wind, Tidal and Geothermal , smart grids, Storage tech at parity, wireless T&D 2. Fashion, Nightlife and hospitality 3. … Continue reading

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Some thoughts I am wrestling with

I am really interested in a wide variety of industries – Renewables, ( Solar, Offshore wind, Nuclear Fusion, BIPVs ), Nuclear powered Shipping and its infrastructure,  and EVs in general. But am also drawn to the entertainment industry- the convergence … Continue reading

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To keep marching

Sometimes its too much to take. All the load and all the expectations, others’ too but more importantly my own.  It feels like the weight of the thousand earths on your shoulder to bear. Darkness clouds my eyes from all … Continue reading

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The only quality you need to look for in a founder

As I have come to meet many people in this startup journey, I have come to realise something key. Something that will stick with me, for long as I live. The only thing that matters to succeed is to be … Continue reading

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Culture, values etc.

If there is anything that I have learnt over the past one year, it is that the culture and values matter a lot in a startup. Starting with my most recent hire, I have started to explain and look for … Continue reading

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