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  1. anish sehgal says:

    hi sir i m trainee marine engineer. currently in 6sem of b.tech marine engg. it waz nice
    reading ur article on marineinsight.

  2. Hello, I’m a Mechanical Engineering student. Completed my Diploma and now doing BE. I too read your article on marineinsight! It is quite amazing. Me too want to be a engineer in Merchant Navy field. I’m damn curious about the thrilling in this career. 🙂

    • Hi Abhijeet,
      Good to know. Let me know if you have any queries regarding the same.
      But , from how it looks superficially to me, selecting a career because it’s “thrilling” will generally not yield satisfying results.
      Think about your long term goals and natural inclinations before choosing a career.
      Good luck

  3. Shwetanshu Shah says:

    Hello sir I have completed my marine engineering and will be joining soon. I read your article on marine insight and also went through your website and I must mention it’s fabulous. Will make a point to go through your blogs regularly.

    • Hey buddy. Good to know and thanks for the complement.
      Let me know if you want some sage advice on life and its deeper mysteries. 😉

      • Shwetanshu Shah says:

        lolz….sure on life a little less as i have spared the thought of solving life mysteries but sea life for sure i have thousands of questions….may i??

  4. amit says:

    hello Mr. Vikram,
    I read your article about ship broker. i liked it very much. I am also related to ship building field I want to do course for becoming a ship broker can u guide me through the procedure

    • Hi Amit,
      Well, the commercial shipping industry is going through a small downturn now. But Linkedin.com is a great resource to ask information from the people already in the industry. Try it.
      Good luck.

  5. Senthil Kumar SM says:

    hi Vikram,

    hw r u? I finished MBA in Shipping and Logistics Management from AMET University. Now im working in port cost management company related to DA in Sharjah. Actually, i hv an interest of doing MICS., i found ur page while i was surfing. It is really nice. Thanks for that. Ok, let me guide on this, myself n frnds enquired MICS center here in Sharjah and got information that we will be getting exemption of four papers as we already did MBA in Shipping.Let give us an idea about this, scope after finishing this, value, etc., will be eagerly waiting for ur reply. My UG is Engineering in Computer Science.

    • V says:

      Thanks for trusting me, but I am hardly a thought leader/career coach on the subject. ;-).
      I think you are in a great position to network with those in your operations team/ your client’s operations team and get to know the answer for your query. Rather than me, they would be able to give you a great idea.
      Good luck.

  6. Devang Shah says:

    Hello sir, I am a Deck Cadet about to complete my 3 years in Tolani Maritime Institute. I will be heading for my internship next year. I was glad to find that an alumni of TMI has reached this far up the ladder called life. Your article and your website are amazing. You are a perfect match for my role-model hunt. 🙂

    • V says:

      Hi Devang,
      I would advise to have a better role-model who has achieved something extra-ordinary in life. That motivates you to live up to your own standards in the future.. 😉

      In the meantime, I will keep you informed if I really do something in the future that could be considered extra-ordinary 😉

  7. Homit says:

    Hi Vikram,
    I have come across your website through marineinsight.com. Actually, I am a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate and I wanted to join Merchant Navy. But, I have one question in mind. Say, I leave merchant navy after becoming 3rd engineer or 2nd engineer, what is my market value and what are my further job prospects on land. Can you give some company/job examples that I could get if i leave as 3rd engineer or 2nd engineer. It would be really helpful if you could answer my questions. Thanks 🙂

    • V says:

      I am not the best person to answer that. I myself didnt go the traditional route into shore jobs in shipping after I quit sailing, but started a company of my own. So you would be better off talking to some one else in this regard.

  8. adhish says:

    hi ,
    hey 4 saab……its was really refreshing to go through your blog…….its fab…….well i just wanted to ask u…..is merchant navy worth at all…..given a chance…..would u join the indian navy?????i am currently preparing for my class 4

  9. Shiva says:

    hello sir..
    can i get your email add. please? wanted to know a couple of things about merchant navy. since i am about to get over with my 10+2 examinations, so it is time to choose the right career.
    i will be glad if i could get some help of yours..!!

  10. DateonDate says:

    HI Vikram,

    My name is Meenal Sanjagiri. After much coaxing my folks convinced me to look for a boy to get married via marriage bureaus and common friends.

    I was pretty adamant and very pro “No marrying a sailor boy”. But i met this guy and i just couldn’t help falling in love with him. He’s sweet, simple and loves food and movies as much as i do. We agreed on a whole lot of things about marriage and life in general and he just seemed perfect. Except, He was in the merchant navy and it took a lot out of me to say OK to that.

    I have a 2 questions –

    – Have you ever given your exams via MMD? Coz it’s taking a helluva lot of time for him to clear his papers and his orals and the damn rules just keep changing!
    – How was life for you with a lady back home (that’s if you have one!)?

    I hope you answer these soon.


    P.S. you could write to me on my email to answer them. I’d be more comfy with that.

    • V says:

      Been log since you asked. Situations change over the course of months but here is my reply nevertheless :
      I have give MMD exams ofcourse. Its pretty long and boring. The rule is to flunk it atleast 3 times and then pass. You wont be called a “made man” in marine untill you flunk your orals multiple times.

      Re. Lady love back home. Any answer to that on this public forum will only get me into trouble 🙂

  11. Khaja zaffer says:

    Kewl !!! Your article about one say on ship is fucking amazing mate !!
    Mate I am thinking to join marine engineering !! Though its my final year in mechanical engineering, I wanna take quick decisions to get settled down to make a great career !!
    But the thing is that most of ppl say that marine engineering is a nightmare job!!
    And I’m just a above average student !!
    Will that coupe up with me to be an marine engineer ? And by hook or crook I will try to find place in Anglo shippings
    I have got few interesting questions to ask !!
    If ya permit me to ask I will ask few question regarding marine engineering !! I hope ya will look forward to help me !!

  12. Khaja zaffer says:

    And brother why did u drop from marine engineering ?

  13. REJI KUMAR says:

    dear sir,
    I completed 3yrs diploma in mechanical engineering and 6 months pre sea training for gp rating. I have Indian CDC with 25 months sea service as an Oiler. Am I eligibile to attend class4 examination or how am I become marine engineer? Please give me guide.

  14. Fido Vaz says:

    Hi Sir,
    This is Fido Vaz (Mechanical Engineer), I have always dreamt of working in my core area and have a strong liking towards sea. I am about to do my GME course and would like you to choose between IMS Goa or Cochin Shipyard or kindly suggest me the best if any other. I need to know how you actually manage time for your blogs despite being a Mariner and your posts excite me :). Great work. I love writing and would like to know whether you manage blogs on board, I have rarely seen Mariners blogging and u are seriously good at it. I hope you answer my questions patiently 🙂
    Please mail me if you have time.

    Fido Vaz.F

  15. Aishwarya Bagwe says:

    May I know, whether a person who is married at the age of 26 can apply for MMD Exam for class 4 officer?
    And yes he has completed his course of being a trainee engineer.

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