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Media, Marketing and America

Today morning I was reading an article about Donald Trump faking a run for president on TV. Why do you think anyone in this country should care so much about public figures or celebrities in America so much? Why is … Continue reading

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On the Road to where?

I move intent on crossing a mountain breaking the climb into steps I can take I cross small hills now and then, With a pleasure and  a smile I dare not fake.   But will the climb lead to a … Continue reading

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From Belgium with love

From  the summer of 2008, I  chose to lead a life at sea. Sometimes that choice can be peaceful. Even comfortable. An exhilaratingly quiet sound enveloping your sense of being, sublime and plentiful, just like the caviar and vodka in … Continue reading

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What matters most to you?

Ironically, that question was the first for a very prestigious business school’s applicants entering this fall. Here is my pot shot at that question in all honesty. Considering all other factors for making your career decision to be more or … Continue reading

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Would it be? Could it be? That only rhymes and limericks tell of a poet’s genius Valued it is, far more when feelings and emotions transfer From heart to paper and then paper to hearts For no one thought it … Continue reading

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