Some thoughts a bit far away from the Overton Window

A thought far away from the overton window :

Everything is made of the same 5 elements – Bhuta -Forming prakriti / Nature

Coloured by the same 3 characteristics – Tatva – what modernity deems as Lazy, Energetic and Calm

And imbued with varying degrees of consciousness – Gnana

As an investor – we have to operate within Dharma – duty and Artha – ethics , bounding Kama – desire; within the constraints of Artha and Dharma.

And most of our job is to sort for the entities which also operate within the same parameters as we do while having strong Satvik qualities with high degree of Gnana

That is our duty – Dharma . The rest is not in our control – the effects.

This thought, need not be mis-construed as religious , just because the words used to describe them are in a language called as Sanskrit.

In more business parlance, Bhuta – natural elements | Tatva – persona | Gnana – self awareness, intelligence, memory, focus etc.

Dharma – is duty

Artha – righteousness / ethics

Kama – desire to make some cash

When I do work with an entrepreneur, as long as she is duty bound to deliver value to all stakeholders , operates the business ethically, emotionally intelligent and intellectually powerful , highly rational* , has some serious ambition and vision to make the registers ring, but within the confines of ethics – then I believe the effects are eventually by-products at a portfolio level.

*No one is 100% rational


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