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To keep marching

Sometimes its too much to take. All the load and all the expectations, others’ too but more importantly my own. ┬áIt feels like the weight of the thousand earths on your shoulder to bear. Darkness clouds my eyes from all … Continue reading

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Belief systems and the limit of what’s possible.

Today , while hitting the weights hard , I was contemplating the reason behind why I believe what I believe and why don’t my parents believe in some of my audacious dreams. The reason might be as simple as information … Continue reading

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Strategy is fun

I have always felt that business strategy is like chess. It’s my favourite subject in business. To frame strategy , execute it, adapt to it on the fly and win. The last part is the most fun part. Except that … Continue reading

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The only quality you need to look for in a founder

As I have come to meet many people in this startup journey, I have come to realise something key. Something that will stick with me, for long as I live. The only thing that matters to succeed is to be … Continue reading

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