Appearances, looks and its effects on Sales

Remember everything is Sales, if you have to persuade someone to something you’d like.

But also remember this.

APPEARANCES Creates Baseline Trust: If you had to ask someone to watch your bags at the airport, would you choose the unshaven dude or the man in a  business suit responding to emails on his phone? Naturally you choose the person in the suit. The reason why appearances creates trust is, if someone has a “got his stuff together approach” they have no interest in desperately taking anything from you because they don’t need to. Go find a posh neighborhood… then go find a unkempt neighborhood… then ask yourself… Do I trust the people that surround me?

For the astute reader, you’re going to realize you feel slightly uncomfortable asking the man in the suit to watch your bags compared to the questionable unshaven young man. Why? You realize his time is valuable. Similarly, people negotiate less with you if you have a ” I have my shit together ” approach and surprisingly have your way much more often than you thought possible.

This idea can be very analogously applied to Cash and wealth, from where I picked it up.

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