Goal philosophy

Any remarkable result can be achieved , only and only with laser-like focus. That’s the lesson I have learnt so far.

So I have culled. Culled like a mad-man to the utmost essentials in my life in what it takes to achieve remarkable results in two areas of my life at any point of time.

1. A primary goal – 12 hrs a day for as long as it takes till this goal is achieved.

2. A secondary goal  – 3 hrs a day for as long as it takes till this goal is achieved.

For me, the primary goal will always be something related to my entrepreneurial career, which is SolarTown.

A secondary goal maybe in any department : Health (Physical and mental), Spiritual, Social, Skills, etc. But you have to choose 1 single secondary goal in 1 department and work at it for as many days as it takes till that goal is achieved before moving on to the next.

The same applies for habits :
Pick 1 habit.

Do it 365 days , no excuses. Sick? lazy? injured? IDGAF. Do it regardless.

Then move onto another habit for the next 365 days. Just 1 more good habit.

In 10 years, we have the chance to be extra-ordinary if you do just that – with 10 good habits. You are already above 99% of the competition if you started out at 25 to do this.

It helps if that specific habit feeds your primary or secondary. It helps but need not be linked necessarily.

About V

Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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