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I build things. Things aimed at changing the way we interact and live in this world. Built "SolarTown" for 7 years. Exited. Now building something new and exciting. Again.

Leading teams – 101

Cutting to the chase, I have led teams in big companies, in volatile emotional environments and  in stressful conditions at sea. And I thought that was leadership. Later I realised that Leadership is not when people are paid to follow … Continue reading

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A new leaf

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”

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Successful or legendary

There is usually a difference between those two adjectives. Do you want to be a great entrepreneur or ‘the greatest entrepreneur who ever walked the face of this planet?’ . Do you want to be Tippu Sultan or Alexander the … Continue reading

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Common mistakes post funding that an entrepreneur will make

Very much is written about what startups do right and very less is written about what they do wrong , immediately post funding. Here is a crack at it from my own experience, post our initial funding round : 1. Thinking … Continue reading

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A Giga-watt a year company

Too long have I spent without expounding on what it means for SolarTown to succeed. If you see the world around you, especially in India, no one dares to move a thing. No one dares to change a thing. You … Continue reading

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Smile and Nod

Arguing is such a waste of time. Just plain ignoring is so much more efficient. I set a goal and talk to people who are supposed to advice me. The question I ask in the face of unsolicited advice is … Continue reading

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In search of meaning

In times of desperation we all search for meaning. More importantly, we all search for a purpose in life , hoping that it would give us meaning. But over time, I have come to learn to turn much of my … Continue reading

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Broken and fixing

Life does kick you in the guts at critical moments. Thats alright. Recoup for a while. Take you meds. Tie your shoe laces. Get back to the racing line. Get pissed off. Get determined to make it better this time … Continue reading

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The marathon

Somewhere along the way, I have realised that life and it’s myriad departments are a marathon more than a sprint. You got to embrace the slip ups , the knee dislocations, get back up , dust yourself and keep chugging … Continue reading

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Solar module manufacturers and system integrators in India

Lately, there is a heavy influx of module manufacturers getting in to system integration to ward off competitons and increase margins. These are people with a hammer who are going looking for a nail. The role of the system integrator … Continue reading

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