The marathon

Somewhere along the way, I have realised that life and it’s myriad departments are a marathon more than a sprint.

You got to embrace the slip ups , the knee dislocations, get back up , dust yourself and keep chugging along. Isn’t that what you would do in a a marathon . It’s about completing the marathon in a more honourable way than about “winning ” the sprint according to a definition set by society.

From that perspective, you will be a lot more sociable, happy and paced to win at life than being a self absorbed , obsessed and miserable sprinter who seems to be gasping for every breath of air , which in his case , is Time.

Every sphere of life and by definition life itself is spaced out over a long haul. It is a far more pleasant experience if we pay attention to the scenery while running by, at the same time keeping our eyes on the prize and the finish line which maybe hundreds of miles away.

About V

Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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