A Giga-watt a year company

Too long have I spent without expounding on what it means for SolarTown to succeed.

If you see the world around you, especially in India, no one dares to move a thing. No one dares to change a thing. You have a lot of people saying this cant be done and that cant be done.

Think about it , can a structured finance product called a ‘non-recourse loan’ ever have been achieved without an entrepreneur lending to a non-credit worthy buyer and still make a return on that lending? I doubt it. That was unsecured loan created a brand new financial instrument in the world.

But still people want to play in the sandbox created by others. Unquestioningly. They have one lame excuse. BUT THE ECOSYSTEM DOES NOT SUPPORT ME.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to bring about change in a massive scale, this means you have a lot of value / industries set up for disruption and so obviously the scale is tilted in your failure.

But we shouldn’t let that stop us. If you dont have an ecosystem to support your offering, create it. Start small but start creating. Start adjacent but start.

In India, there is no consumer product for a 20 year or a 25 year loan, that can help an individual home owner buy a solar power plant and pay lesser for electricity over the life of the plant, than what he is paying for his electricty needs. So what do we do? Do we just keep waiting for one such financial product to magically appear or do we get down, dirty and make things happen.

I choose the latter. My ultimate vision is to make SolarTown power most of the worlds residential rooftops with Clean energy, albeit far more powerful and efficient ones than you have today and a small but significant milestone is to forge this company to become ‘a GW a year ‘ company by 2020.

Surpassing that milestone will what mean for us to have truly come into our own , all this at the retail solar level , bringing clean distributed energy access to the common man.

About V

Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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