Why I do what I do…

Imagine this.

You come home to a building that is completely disconnected from the main grid. Has a self sufficient solar rooftop system that generates and transmits power and data to all your smart appliances via BPL fibre optic cable lines in your walls. While these ‘genmitter solar plants’ on your and your neighbour’s rooftop communicate between themselves through Li-Fi and transmit power over PoWifi , you , the user, are communicating to the internet with a 224GBps Li-Fi connection inside every single LED in your home and then to your smart rooftop solar power/data genmitter plant, which communicate between themselves across the whole city , which in turn talks to a deeply knowledgeable power/ data network which understands who needs how much power at what time of the day in which part of the year , across every single node in the whole wide world. This enables it to transmit, store , augment from other sources – from that part of the world which is power surplus to that which needs the demand fulfilled – thereby creating a seamless international energy exchange. All using the sun, silicon, light and lithium.

Meanwhile, you just came home from work – oblivious to the years of human creativity to have gone into creating such a world from the world that we live in now and you proceed to park your electric car to in your garage where it regularly gets its wireless charge session from your Li-Ion basement. 

Tell me. If you saw this world in your mind’s eye every single day, wouldn’t you want to show your fellow man the marvel of this reality, when it comes to life. That’s why I do what I do.

The day is not far and the future is not crowded in a distant darkness. The future is bright. Literally and figuratively.

About V

Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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