Commitment, Will power and determination

Too many people take too many things flippantly. 

In the words of scarface ” There are only two things you shouldn’t break  for anybody – your Word and your Balls”

When he said Balls , what he really means is Honour.

Your word and your honour mean a lot, the pillars/ foundations of your whole life. They set your reputation in stone for the rest of your life. But too many people do break them and thereby they fail to stand for anything at all, floating away like dustballs in deserts unable to withstand storms in their lives.

There are good reasons and bad reasons to keep your word. Rather, the spirit of your promise should be held even if not the exact same description. But breaking the spirit of the promise , just so you can save your own ass is something I am not a great fan of. We all face obstacles, but those obstacles are not good reasons to break your word. You should train to beat obstacles. It is the nature of this race called Life.

Watch this , if you dont believe me




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Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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