The finity of time, energy and attention

I’d like to keep this post simple and uncomplicated in bullet points.

I believe that we have finite time, attention and energy in our lives and it is upto us to make sure how we optimise the usage of these in order to design the lives we want. 

At the starting of one’s career, even  if one has a lot of potential, we are deemed to be – “unproven” , so to speak. So you need to make your bones first , as the wisdom goes. For an entrepreneur, that means your first success. Without this, you can forget your planned progression to a serial entrepreneur. Serial “successful” Entrepreneur. (As much as I  agree failure is a better teacher, nothing succeeds like success and there is only so much you can learn from repeated failures unless you become sick of failing anymore )

So its ultra-essential that if you intend to change the world for the better, then you better, work your ass off on your first venture and become a 100hr workweek-obsessive-messianic leader if need be. So work is the first and foremost priority you need to take on. This will take care of your basic financial health.

If you are like me, then I don’t take any commitment weakly and so I keep commitments to a very small minimum and give it all I got. I enter a department making up my mind to become the absolute best in what I intend to do, say top 5% in the world. Its Hard. But its fun because I take up things that, I like to think, make me better and better. One aspect/ passion of my life compounding into another and creates a unique powerful arsenal to take on challenges and thus improve my odds of changing this world.

So as I have figured out, in this phase of my life, I have room for only three things that I am working on for the next 5 years where I intend to become the absolute best at, i.e. top 5% in the world –

1.My first and only venture ( SolarTown )

2. Fitness

3. Social skills

I will blog about the first two here extensively. Maybe I can learn from the incoming inbound readers about how I can improve more on these two. Maybe I will help another person to take up his long and arduous journey , just like I used to find inspiration from Mark Cuban‘s posts, although I am no Mark Cuban. Just doing my best to be my best for now. But most importantly, I do this for myself , since writing gives me an enormous clarity of thought and feels almost therapeutic about my courses of actions. 

So here goes.

About V

Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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13 Responses to The finity of time, energy and attention

  1. masculineffort says:

    What does SolarTown do?

    • V says:

      You should check out 🙂

      • masculineffort says:

        Kudos Mate. Very well done. Do you guys design or manufacture these panels themselves? Or do you assemble a solution (using these panels) for clients based on their requirements?

      • V says:

        Only assembling a solution as for now.

      • masculineffort says:

        Any electronics involved in the solution?

      • V says:

        Yes totally it’s all power electronics man

      • masculineffort says:

        I see! Suppose a villager in India wanted one of these panels for powering up, say his Television or Ceiling fan during a power cut. How much would that cost him as compared to buying a conventional generator powered by gasoline?

      • V says:

        Say around 25 k lifetime cost compared to a gen of say 10 k and then 3 k every month . Why?

      • masculineffort says:

        I’m just curious. And maybe I can work for you someday in an Engineering capacity 🙂

      • V says:

        oh! As a matter of fact, we are looking at a PV system design engineer right now. Look that role up and the job description up to see if it interests you 🙂

      • masculineffort says:

        Well, I’m an electronics Engineer, specifically Chip design. Never worked with PV systems. In fact I am going to set up a home lab to start experimenting with PhotoVoltaics. Need to go to SP road and pick up some lab equipment like Oscilloscopes, Function generators, DC power supplies etc. I’m trying to see if there is an area in this where I can leverage my experience in Electronics.

        I could not find the JD for the PV Engr position

        However, I think you are looking for someone experienced in the field and not a complete Greenie like me 🙂

      • V says:

        Pv system design yes experienced. But when you say electronics what are you really into ? You should let me know your inclinations in much more detail.

      • V says:

        Hey buddy, am in Bangalore on Thu the 18th, if you want to catch up let’s. Don’t have to reveal your identity if you are not comfortable abut that. Just a coffee and chat about life, perspectives,and the chase. Ofcourse some module level power electronics to go with it 😉

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