My philosophy on money and its nature.

Too many people resort to calling money and its pursuit evil. I would whole heartedly disagree. You see, money is just an enabler. Its neither good nor bad by itself. The more of it you have , the more tasks you are enabled  to do and change about this world.

But these ‘tasks’ come in lock steps. You need a certain critical mass of this enabler to do each task.

For example: The critical mass of money for a man needed to obtain great physical health with a cut and jacked body and stable sharp mental health may be significantly higher than the ‘critical mass’ required to make all of humanity singularly powered by Solar power.

In both these cases, critical mass invested in the tasks over time reflects in self perpetuating extension of resources in other forms. For example : getting cut and jacked means that you have more personal and physical appeal & stamina in whatever activity you take up and also are perceived to have more power in social situations because of your physical presence. Whereas, getting the entire world to buy your solar power means that it reflects more in your ‘stock market’, which further means you have more to add to your critical mass to do something far more difficult in the next lock step like creating sustainable islands or fund all of the world’s cancer research in a massive scale to cure the world of cancer or I don’t know – start a weapons’ company to create Iron Man and protect the world’s peace.

In all cases, money – like energy- just transforms into something more useful unless you are using it purely for stimulating your base senses. In that case, it pretty soon reaches its top limits and there isn’t much use for it after a while, then you become an addict( alcohol, drugs, smokes and indiscriminate sexual indulgence ) to your senses, in which case all the “critical mass enabled” at your disposal would be such a terrible waste and nothing is ever enough till you get your next dopamine shot.

If you consider what would be the first few critical lock step to use money for, it should always be :

1. Getting to the prime of your physical and mental health

2. Optimising your time by outsourcing the mindless tasks in your life ( cooking, cleaning, driving, etc. ) to free up your ‘life’ time

3. Using the freed up time to focus on 5 departments : Health and longevity , Your purpose, Your key relationships ( more on this later), your passions outside your purpose, Your spirit.

4. Last and final chunk of critical mass should be reserved for Disaster recovery ( probably after making your bones achieving in your first venture) and should only be touched for recovering for a major non recoverable setback in your life , like an accident or something ), This should reflect 10% of your net-worth at any point of your life

But through all this, one should remember that for any aspirer, No.1 is the most important and without that we may get to achieving anything else at all. 

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Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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