Indian in the 21st century

Okay , so you think you are oppressed. Fortunately, you have the education, the background and the financial/ educational viability to leave the country and stay in the US or Singapore or UK or wherever the hell where you justify that you ” have a better standard of living” . But what about the rest of the 700 million Indians who don’t have an option but to sit around and pay taxes, because they neither have the muscle nor the clout to avoid them? 

How many of them should suffer in an oppressive regime or a corrupt regime where cast politics IS democracy. The more your cast votes, the higher your chances of getting elected, regardless of whether you are efficient or not and mix in a dash of idealism into this from the upstarts, and you have the Indian democracy. The irony is that the ones who get voted don’t give a shit about anything at all, caste or no caste. Those who can’t EXIT ( physically or mentally ), those who don’t have a VOICE have to face the REALITY, i.e Death and taxes , of-course, which morph into crumpled notes of 1000s as Govt. contracts and into swiss accounts of those in power. 

So think again if are you really going to abandon, in the name of better life style, all those who neither have the VOICE nor the capability to EXIT and then you can go on to discuss Modi Vs. Rahul in your Facebook and Twitter feeds from Orange county, CA.

 If you cared anything at all ( you either care or you don’t , no such thing as  ‘ a little pregnant’ ) –

you would be here fighting alongside – either trying to create an entity or a business which challenges the status quo and improves the economy , the lives of the 700 million here or

you would be working in Healthcare ( do you know 300 million Indians don’t have access to Sanitation or primary healthcare? )  or Agritech or  

you would be working as a startup politician with a hint of naiveté and idealism or

you would even be an innocent farmer who votes for that idealist politician- with the hopes of getting electricity for his water pumps.

But you wouldn’t leave us to escape into your comfortable second-class citizenry in the ‘developed world’.

“Sometimes, all you have to do is exist in order to be someone’s saviour.”

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Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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