Karma Yoga and the matrix

You see the last scene in Matrix , when the architect says to Neo, ” You have to do this to ensure the propagation of your race” and then Neo refuses. He then goes on to do that , which no other ONE has done before, to turn his back on his duty or Karma Yoga. So was he right to believe in his ego or was he wrong. Ofcourse in the movie, it all ends well. Humans and machines live in Harmony every after.  Usually it’s not a good idea to take moral lessons from Hollywood. 

But in this world, what happens when there is free will and what happens if it collides with divine will , if there is such a thing.   What would you do? How would you consider visions that you have ? As the doer or as just an instrument? If its all divine will and no human will, does it even make sense to act on something, that is not in your control ultimately? If yes, then why keep acting irrespective , as a willing puppet. ( Wouldn’t be a puppet if the puppet and the master are one and the same, would it? ) 

Somethings to ponder upon. 

To achieve greatness, it is essential to achieve thought and belief clarity foremost. 

Clear, believe and then execute all-in with determination. 

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Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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