Why closing off options is a good idea , albeit riskier

Humans are inherently afraid to close off options. 
Like a prospective talented entrepreneur , who will do an MBA because he has “put in the effort ” for his application process . So the status quo becomes that he has to, rather than he could. Many of us just continue travelling on the wrong trains just because we have boarded them. 

But great  things come from closing off options, like focus and magic. 
When we say that ” my time is valuable enough for me to do this one thing right now and be the absolute best in it in the entire world”, that is when magic pops out.

As expected , this approach doesn’t have stable / growing returns on your investment for a long time. But ultimately , the only way to succeed ( to me, success is being in the top 0.01% of your field ) at any endeavour is to be remarkable. And remarkable, means to stand out. When you are as distracted and all over the place as everyone and their uncle, its hard to deliver remarkably good results.

The only exception to this, when you have to survive. When you have to live and fight another day, it makes sense to take what comes your way for the moment but to promise yourself under your breath, that the day shall come when I shall focus on what I really want to do, work my a** off on that alone and become the absolute hands-down best at it.

Finally, after knocking on enough doors , that day does come, more often than not. Some one believes in your vision, sees your passion and effort and decides to give you a small amount of resources to see if you really deliver on all that remarkable result, that you promised them but always ended the sentence with ‘ if only I had enough resources ‘. When that chance is taken upon you, you better straddle up, set your eyes on the prize and execute like your life depended on it. 

Thats how you really create remarkable work. By closing off as many options as possible and focussing on a chosen few high-hangers in the garden of low-hanging fruits.


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Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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