Startup Retail Expansion strategy – Gengis Khan or Scattershot?

As a leader in the rooftop Solar industry, you more or less have to close deals to stay alive or grow rapidly, especially as a startup.

So when markets open up in your favour, you need just one things to expand and that is cash. Assume you have raised just enough cash to grow, but in a retail consumer focussed business ( where in order to differentiate from the other unorganised players , you start to work on the brand, look, feel and the emotional connect of the product)  it becomes critical to open up a retail outlet that can control the customer experience in that geography in order to distinctly carry your brand through and make sure the end consumer is delighted.

So the question then becomes, if you focus too much on one geography( say south India ) , do you end up losing market share in other parts and giving leeway for competitors to grow and gain threshold in those geographies ( Say, Delhi) ?

When you have decided to go retail with your products / services, how do you strategise your expansion plan?

I think I might have found the perfect solution, but only time ( and maybe this blog) will tell.

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Tried building a sky scrapper. Now Re-building it again with worn out tools.
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