To desire or to not to desire.


The very concept of desire and how it inspires great action has always fascinated me. The more I studied what leads men to put in herculean efforts, the more I came across two distinct school of thoughts regarding Desire and its implications.

Now, there is the Napoleon Hill style, who says that Desire is the starting point of all achievements. Then there is the Buddha style that says desire is the root of all evil.

On analysis, you will see that difference is not in the absolute concept of desire but rests, like always, in the perception of the concept called Desire and its implications.

I think both schools of thought point in the same direction that “what the mind can conceive, it can achieve”. But they simply persuade the reader (us) to conceive  different things.

So while Napoleon Hill /Robin Sharma/Tony Robbins and the like seem to understand that, they place great materialistic achievements on a pedestal and inspire the masses to work towards them and the other philosophical line of leaders seem to take an approach beyond that to inspire the masses that there is something to live for beyond just fast cars and big houses.

Is there? We will just have to live through life and see for ourselves, I guess.

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