The weapon

Take up all your regrets, all your failures, all that you could have been, all that you ever wanted to be and mix it into a beautiful concoction with what you want to be, your hopes, your ambitions , your desires, goals, dreams, naivetés and innocence.

Convert that concoction into a vengeance, an anger, a longing, an arrogance and an emotion. Dissolve in it, wade in it, surrender to it and look it in the eyes.

Prepare for it. Make it a weapon and keep it close to you.

Every challenge and every opportunity that you will come up against, make sure you pat your heart and say to yourself, “ I have a weapon. I can take this head on. I can take anything head on.”

And you most probably will.


About V

I build things. Things aimed at changing the way we interact and live in this world. Currently building "SolarTown".
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One Response to The weapon

  1. Weapon! It inspired me to be honest with my emotions and work on positive face of adversity.

    Keep posting.

    Gaurav Saluja

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