Only the micro-managers survive

Over time, I have lost the taste to write long form.

Although I still believe long form is where the most insight lies, I have definitely moved away from writing long form.

There was a time when I wrote crude fiction, which then morphed into poetry ( majorly influenced by my hormones during teenage years ) and then pivoted more and more into fiction and finally business musings.

Nowadays I have stayed clear of eulogies in thoughts and delved more into solving the knots in my own life.

But then I have also come to the rationale that solving the knots need not be accompanied with public silence . In fact, it can be used as a sounding board if one can put up with the criticism of the few.

Nevertheless, let me come to the topic at hand , which is some of my own realizations on micromanagement.

I will keep it short and very sweet- since this blog post as will be the others that follow suit more a chronicling of my own state of mind at various parts of the journey . I have done this for 7 years and it will be interesting to see what becomes of it in the next 7 .

I have come to understand that the popular notion of business school education that micromanagement is the devil is probably bullshit.

You see I have started three companies now – two of them failed. I know what I did right and what I did wrong.

To zero in , there are two things I did right and that which i believe is necessary :

  1. Eat shit and like its taste
  2. Micromanage

The first one requires a post of its own but the second one deserves a special mention . I am not talking about micromanage your employees till they bleed through their eyeballs. I am talking about micromanaging yourself and micromanaging the process.
Your employees are the ones who execute the process.
And there is a process that works and a process that doesn’t.
There are people out there who know which processes work and which dont. Find them and delegate to them but micromanage the inputs and outputs to constantly tweak the process till you get the results.

Some of your employees will hate you for it because its a lot of work but remember only the micromanagerial survive in finding a revenue stream aka gap in the market.

As a pre product market fit entrepreneur , your job is simple :

  • find a serviceable revenue stream for your product / service.
  • Once you do, micromanage your process so that you know you ARE delivering value to the early adopters
  • Once you are delivering value, figure out how to get more of the same kind of people to come check you out.

All of the above three can be broken down into accurate and minute details and therefore into a process again,

But if you don’t micromanage in getting a new product / service to market and re-iterate continuously, you wont live.

If you can’t live, you can’t iterate and optimize to thrive.

You are not f****n’ Proctor n Gamble.

About V

I build things. Things aimed at changing the way we interact and live in this world. Built "SolarTown" for 7 years. Exited. Now building something new and exciting. Again.
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