They, who believe

It is they who make me wake up and run faster every day towards the goal-post.
It is they, who are the true leaders.

They, who join our journey, in this unproven startup.
They , who offer to invest their cold hard cash earned with sweat and blood , in a shared little dream by an unknown startup.

They, who forget the scorching sun, to install a power plant because we committed on a far closer timeline than we should have.

They, who offer to come work on weekends, saturday and Sundays for a pittance of what they would have earned for their qualifications outside.

They, who live 50 Kms away, but stay to finish the job at hand on a late friday night or stay back till 2300 hrs on a saturday night to power through the meetings.

It is not the payout/exit, that keeps me going on, in the difficult days.

It is they.

They, who believe.

About V

I build things. Things aimed at changing the way we interact and live in this world. Built "SolarTown" for 7 years. Exited. Now building something new and exciting. Again.
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